Crushing Risk and Deposits

Primary Services


Payment Optimization and Fraud Mitigation

 Revenue cannot be realized, if deposits cannot be made.  We assess your entire payment process with a concentration on making the deposit process as simple as possible with all the recovery options that are used in regulated gaming.   

Regulated online gaming presents unique  fraud challenges and mitigation opportunities.  With our experience, we can help you meet those challenges and exploit the opportunities.  


New Payment Providers

 The online sports betting boom in the US has created the desire for new payment processors to enter this market.  Our expertise can help you navigate this difficult payment space.   We can help you develop your product to fit the needs of the market.  We can possibly sell strong products on your behalf.  


Regulatory Consulting

We can provide guidance to jurisdictions that are adopting new revenue sources, or those that are considering the legalization of gaming.  You need to have the correct oversight for consumer protection, suspicious activity and fraud prevention.  But, you need to understand what works effectively and what will reduce revenue without protection.  

Additional Services


Contract Reveiw

Payment providers' contracts and pricing models can be very onerous.  We help guide you with what business terms and obligations are acceptable, and what can put you at unnecessary risk.  


We can  help you with candidate selection and training of the new staff.  

Product Development

The online cashier for online gaming can be complex.  Adding intelligent routing and ease of use will increase revenue.

Competitive Analysis

Find out how your offering compares to others.  We provide gap identification and mitigation strategies.

Subject Matter Expertise

We have many contacts in the industry.  We can bring in product, sales, operations, QA, BA and many other disciplines for short term engagements. 

About Us

We have done this before

We have been integral to regulated online gaming since the first hand of regulated online poker was dealt in April 2013.  

We keep doing it

We have consulted for 3 payment processors in North America, 5 operators in the US and one in Colombia.  We have worked for the operators on deals with every payment processor in the regulated payment market in the US. 

We are ready to help you

Let us help you navigate through this very complex and sometimes frustrating payment space.